Six Explanations For The Increasing Popularity Of Straw Bales As A Construction Material

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The use of straw bales in construction has become increasingly popular in recent years. It's important for those involved with building projects to understand the reason why many are choosing straw bales as a building material.

The following are six explanations for the increasing popularity of straw bales as a construction material. 

There is a growing concern among the general public to make construction more environmentally friendly.

Straw bales are a highly environmentally friendly building material. For one thing, they are widely available. They are also a natural byproduct of agricultural production.

Straw bales are a waste product of grain cultivation. They, therefore, provide a building material without the need to harm the environment by cutting trees down or to use production methods that produce a great deal of carbon dioxide emissions.  

It is easy to acquire straw bales.

Another benefit of using straw bales is that they are easy to come by. Straw bales are typically widely available in any area of the country. This makes them generally easy to source for use in building projects. 

The conventional building industry is becoming increasingly aware of the insulation properties of straw bales.

Along with all the other construction benefits they offer, straw bales are also a naturally effective insulator. In fact, straw bales can often insulate as effectively as fiberglass insulation. 

Straw bales are versatile as a building material and can be used to create unique architectural designs.

With straw bale construction, an architect or designer is not limited to any particular building form or style.

Straw bales are readily pliable. They can be used to create buildings of a standard rectangular design. At the same time, they can be used to create buildings with less conventional forms like curves or wavy and uneven walls. 

Straw bales are more affordable than many other building materials.

Because they are so widely available, straw bales are generally very affordable as a construction material. Straw bales are usually less expensive as a building material than the more traditional construction materials they are used to replace. 

Straw bales are a natural way to provide insulation.

Straw bales are an all-natural material that can be used for insulation. On the other hand, fiberglass and other materials used to produce insulation are often artificially produced and potentially harmful to a building's residents. 

Because they are all-natural, straw bales used in construction can contribute to an all-natural living environment that is free from potentially harmful substances like volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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