What Homeowners Need To Know About Slab Sawing

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Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials within the construction industry. The prevalence of concrete in construction projects means that your home probably has some concrete elements. Foundations, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and driveways are all residential elements that might be made from concrete.

Caring for your concrete is critical if you want to maintain the structural stability of these structures. Slab sawing is a tool that your concrete contractor can use to help you better care for your residential concrete in the future.

What Is Slab Sawing?

Slab sawing is a unique process that allows contractors to make cuts on slabs of concrete that are laying horizontally. A specialized diamond cutting blade is mounted to a walk-behind machine that your contractor can operate.

The blade shaves off the top layer of the concrete, with the depth of the cut being determined by the blade setting. This unique design makes it possible to modify or enhance horizontal flat surfaces with ease.

How Powerful Are Slab Saws?

The diamond cutting blades that are mounted to create slab saws are extremely powerful. Most have the ability to cut through precast concrete, steel reinforced concrete, and even natural stone.

Unique cutting blades are utilized for each type of material, with a skilled contractor being able to determine when the blade needs to be changed in order to maintain maximum cutting efficiency. The versatility of slab saws means that you can rely on slab sawing services to help you maintain almost any concrete surface on your property.

When Is a Slab Saw Needed?

Many maintenance and improvement projects around your property can benefit from the help of a slab saw. Your concrete contractor can utilize a slab saw to remove a damaged section of concrete in preparation for repairs.

The slab saw can also be used to install a french drain outside your home's foundation and to cut through curb and gutter structures when you are changing the position or approach of your driveway. There are many construction tasks that require the use of slab sawing services to alter or maintain your concrete.

When used correctly, a slab saw can help you enhance the quality of the concrete structures around your home. Contact an experienced contractor for assistance if you need to make changes to the surface of any concrete structures or if you need help maintaining the concrete on your property. 

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