How To Finish And Improve Upon Your Home's Concrete Floors

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Concrete is a durable and long-lasting paved surface that is most likely already found inside your home beneath your home's carpeting or vinyl flooring. But today, concrete is more commonly transformed it into a decorative and durable surface in homes, transforming them into faux-finished floors and countertops that look like expensive marble or stone tiles. Here are some tips to help you transform your home's existing concrete floor into a beautiful and durable home feature.

Prepare the Floor

Before you begin to apply any stain, acid, or epoxy onto your home's concrete floor, you will need to clean it to remove any existing glues, sealants, and any other treatments that are already on the concrete. Concrete is a naturally porous surface, which will absorb a flooring treatment and color, but if it is coated in a sealant, for example, the sealant will prevent the new treatment from adhering into the concrete.

Scrape off any flooring glue used previously to lay down and attach carpeting and padding, and pry up any nails attached into the concrete. You don't need to patch any cracks or holes, as the final epoxy treatment will help level them. Clean your concrete with a stone cleaner, Castile soap, or even liquid dish soap. Use a floor scrub brush with a long handle and some warm water to clean all residues from the floor, then rinse it completely off before you allow the floors to dry.

Choose Your Treatment

There are many treatments and colors you can choose for your concrete floor. You can choose an acid stain, which will alter the coloring of the concrete and give you a variety of colors depending on the chemical mixture of your concrete. For example, some concrete will be darker in color or lighter in color based on the concrete mix's chemicals present when it was originally poured.

You may also want to apply a concrete dye, which will penetrate into the pores of your concrete and set into its surface instead of reacting with your concrete, as acid stains do. As another option, you can apply a tinted sealant onto your concrete, which colors and protects your floor to give it a smooth and finished appearance.

Hire a Professional

Once you decide what look you want your concrete floors to be finished with, talk to a concrete professional, such as R. Pepin & Sons Inc., about their services. They will be able to prep the floors and apply the treatment you want. And, if you want your floors to have the appearance of tile or marble, They can provide the etching services to make it a reality for you.