Commercial Concrete Types And Options

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Commercial concrete is a popular material used for building or enhancing business facilities, including buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. It is composed of cement and fine aggregates mixed with water and hardened over time. It is used in virtually all parts of the buildings, such as walls, floors, architectural details, and even exterior pathways and pavements. Commercial concrete is different than residential concrete because it requires greater structural performance and durability. Commercial concrete can further be classified into different types and options.

C7/8/ GEN0

This type of commercial concrete is a wet and versatile lean mix. With a strength of 7 newtons after 28 days, it is a mainstay in commercial construction projects. It is perfect for cavity filling, foundation repair and installation, haunching, and kerbing. This is the concrete typically seen in almost all small or big commercial and residential construction projects alike.


This type of commercial concrete is popular because of its extreme versatility. With a moderate strength of 10 newtons after 10 days, it is perfect for floor binding, trench filling, pad foundations, drainage, and strip footings. Like the previous type of concrete, this one is also typically seen in most commercial construction projects.


This commercial concrete is a versatile concrete with strength of 15 newtons after 28 days. It is used as flooring to wide spaces without metal embedded on the floor or as foundations. It is a popular choice among concrete contractors for bare finishes, or if the floor is not to be covered by tiles or carpet. It is perfect as flooring to commercial warehouses.

C25/ ST 2

This commercial concrete, with strength of 25 newtons after 28 days, is used for a wide range of commercial projects. It is applied in almost all parts of the building, such as foundation repair, groundwork, mass concrete fill, kerbing, trench fills, and patios.


This type of concrete is a heavy-duty concrete with strength of 35 newtons after 28 days. It is usually used for external paving and slabbing and raft foundations. It is applied as bases of commercial and agricultural buildings. With PAV, it has protection against free-thaw cycles and can be used outdoors. It can withstand heavy rubber-tyred vehicles loading and scraping.

For people who do not know anything about construction, concrete is a general material used for buildings without any distinctions. It might be surprising to know that every type of concrete has its specific uses depending on their components, characteristics, and strengths. Your concrete contractor chooses the best type for your commercial building's requirement for durability.