Why Concrete Is A Good Material For Your Outdoor Stairs

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If you need to build an outdoor staircase for a commercial building, then concrete is a good choice. Concrete has advantages over other building materials, especially when it's exposed to the weather. Here's why you should consider commercial concrete when you're building an outdoor staircase.

Concrete Is Durable

Concrete stairs will last for a long time. This makes them an exceptional value since concrete is an affordable building material. Concrete holds heavy weight and it is very difficult to damage. Sunlight and rain won't cause damage, and the stairs won't be affected by insects or rot.

Concrete Stairs Are Safe

Concrete is a safe material for stairs because it can be made slip-resistant. When the surface is etched, it won't be slippery, even when it rains. Compared to wood or metal, concrete is not only less slick, it is also stronger so there is no risk of tred failure when moving heavy objects up and down the stairs. Concrete is also fire resistant, so it is a good choice for a safety stairwell to use in case of a fire.

Concrete Stair Treads Are Easy To Install

The concrete treads or steps bolt into place so they are held securely. This makes them very easy to install and replace if necessary. If you ever need to, you can buy a replacement tread and have your maintenance staff replace it themselves. This makes stair maintenance an easy and less expensive job.

Concrete Stairs Maintain Their Looks

Concrete steps won't rust or deteriorate with age so they maintain their looks for a long time. If the stairs get a lot of use, they may get dirty, but the rain helps keep them clean. You shouldn't have to do much to maintain the appearance of the treads. If the staircase is an emergency exit, it probably won't get much use and show much dirt. If the staircase will be a main entry into the building, then your maintenance crew may want to power wash the treads occasionally to keep them clean.

Concrete could be the best choice for your outdoor stairs. It may not be as elegant as other stone materials, but it is far less expensive. Plus, concrete is more attractive than metal, and concrete stairs will give you many years of use. Talk to a commercial concrete contractor about your options and the types of stairs you can have installed. You can get a basic open-tread staircase or you could have one that's enclosed and made from decorative concrete. Concrete is a versatile building material that you can use to create just about any look you want.