4 Tips for Safely Hauling Gravel

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If you need to haul gravel for a personal or work project with your vehicle, here are a few tips that will help you safely haul gravel in your personal pick-up truck.

#1: Use a Trailer

When hauling gravel, it is better to use a trailer than your truck bed. A trailer is lower to the ground than your truck and will help keep the gravel more stable. Many trailers also have higher sides, which will help prevent the gravel from flying out the top and hitting another vehicle. Additionally, you can more easily put a tarp on top of an open-air trailer to keep the gravel secure inside of the trailer.

It is best to use an open-air trailer for moving gravel. The trailer should have a fill line so you know how much gravel can safely fit inside of the trailer. Don't go over the fill line; the gravel can be really heavy. If you go over the fill line, you could exceed the weight ratings of the trailer and your truck.

An open-air trailer will be easier for you to pour the gravel into and remove the gravel from.

#2: Watch Your Speed

Next, when driving with a trailer full of gravel behind your vehicle, you need to make sure that you watch your speed. Do not drive fast. When you see a curve coming up, slow down in advance. You are going to be carrying a lot of extra weight. That extra weight can easily shift if you take corners and turns fast. You are going to want to slow down and make sure that you take your time as you are driving so you don't tip your load off center.

#3: Slow Down in Advance

When hauling the a load of gravel, you are going to want to slow down in advance. Do not just hit your brakes suddenly; this could cause the gravel in your load to shift around in your trailer. You should try to slow down gradually as you approach any stop; this will help keep your load stable and will ensure that it doesn't shift around as you are stopping and turning.

#4: Cover It Up

Finally, make sure that you cover up your load. The last thing you want to be responsible for is gravel flying out of the back of your trailer and hitting another vehicle. You can strap down a plastic tarp or cover on the top of your trailer, or you can weigh the tarp down inside of your trailer. This will help ensure that no gravel flies out of your truck and hit any passing vehicles. 

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