The Structural Problems That Are Caused By Erosion And Damage To Foundations

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Erosion can lead to many problems around your home, which can include foundation and structural damage. The erosion is often the main cause of problems with cracks and leaks in foundation. You will want to address any issues with erosion around your home, as well as do repairs to your foundation. Here are some of the main structural problems that are caused by erosion of soils around foundations:

1. Settling In Soils That Are Soft And Washing Away From Under Your Home

One of the problems that can happen with homes is the soils being eroded from beneath the foundation. The soils do not have to completely erode. Soft soils can cause your home to literally begin sinking. To solve this problem, the foundation needs to be reinforced with some type of repair, such as pier supports or tensioned concrete systems. If the soft soil is an issue with many buildings in your area, tensioned concrete systems can be a good solution to ensure your home settles evenly.

2. Erosion Causing Excessive Static Pressure and Cracks In Foundation Walls

Erosion can also lead to excessive static water pressure. An example of this is why drainage diversions wash away and leave foundation walls exposed to the pressure of water. This will eventually cause damage to your foundation walls, causing cracks and possibly leaks in basements and crawlspaces. These problems need to be dealt with by correcting drainage and doing repairs to cracks in foundation. The waterproofing systems may also need to be repaired when the repairs are done. You will also want to have the foundation of your home inspected regularly if these repairs are needed.

3. Damage to Footings Due to Soils Eroding Beneath Them

Footings are another issue that can be affected by erosion. These are like concrete support beams that provide support for structural loads. Water can wash away soils beneath the structure and footings of the foundation. This can cause the footings to crack under the weight of your home, and lead to severe structural damage. To solve this problem, the footings will need to be supported with some type of pier system and drainage problems corrected. In addition, your home may need to jacked up where it has settled.

The erosion around your home is a problem that will eventually lead to structural damage. If you have erosion and foundation damage, contact a foundation repair contractor, like one from Oesterling's Concrete Co Inc, to discuss the best repairs to get the problems under control.