Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is Wiser Than You Thought

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Do you have a basement in your home? If so, you have probably heard someone talk about waterproofing it. Perhaps you think that basement waterproofing is some type of home improvement project that is optional or only beneficial if you have plans to make your basement into a living space. The following information will help you understand why waterproofing is important for everyone who has a basement regardless of whether their basement is a living space or not. 

Mold Growth

Mold is a potentially toxic substance that can spread quickly and make people sick. Basements are an ideal environment for mold to grow and spread because they are generally hot and humid when they are not in use. If you opt to waterproof your basement, you can thwart mold growth. 

Foundation Protection

When water or moisture are allowed to settle in basements, over time it can lead to cracks in foundations. The foundation of your home is the crux of its structural integrity. If you wait until you see cracks in your foundations, complex interventions might need to be performed to protect your home from structural damage. Waterproofing is effective at reducing the chances of cracks occurring in foundations. This is why you can consider basement waterproofing as a preventative measure that can save you money on future repair costs.

Energy Savings

If cracks start forming in your home's foundation, they will become entry points for outside air. This can negatively impact your attempts to warm and cool your home. You may end up running your heating or cooling system longer, which means that your energy bills will likely be higher. If you have minor cracks, it is important to get those sealed as soon as possible. A basement waterproofing contractor can seal the cracks and waterproof your basement to minimize the chances of additional cracks appearing. 

Property Value

If you have been avoiding waterproofing your basement due to you not having plans to use it as a living space, you need to keep in mind that one day you may want to sell your home. Interested buyers may have intentions of using the basement space as a "man cave" or similar habitable space. Buyers might be leery of buying your home if the basement is not waterproofed. This could result in you getting lower buying offers. Also, it is possible that your mind could change in the future about using the basement space. Waterproofing it now will ensure that if you change your mind about turning it into a living space, it will be ready for remodeling.