Repair, Stain, And Seal A Concrete Walkway

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If the concrete walkway leading to your garage has a narrow crack running through its center and a dull, faded appearance, revitalize the concrete's surface by completing the steps below. A concrete patch and a layer of stain and sealant will beautify and protect the concrete surface and will prevent it from becoming damaged again.


  • concrete cleaning agent
  • water hose
  • bucket
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • concrete patch
  • trowel
  • tamper
  • drop cloths
  • acid cleaning solution
  • concrete stain
  • mixing stick
  • paint trays
  • paint rollers, frames, and handle

Remove Stains From The Concrete And Repair The Crack

Prepare a concrete cleaning agent by pouring the recommended amount that is listed on the packaging into a bucket and adding water. Apply the cleaning solution to each stain on the walkway's surface. Move a long-handled scrub brush with stiff bristles firmly over each area being treated. Spray a strong stream of water directly at each area that was cleaned in order to eliminate soapy film. Wait for the walkway to dry.

Apply a thin, even layer of concrete patch to the end of a trowel. Insert the trowel in the crack in order to fill it. Press a tamping tool firmly against the repaired section of the walkway to flatten the patch. Use a damp sponge to wipe off excess patch if necessary. Wait plenty of time for the patch to cure. 

Spray An Acid Solution And Add Stain And Sealer

Place drop cloths over the property that adjoins the walkway. Spray an acid solution that is designed for concrete over the walkway's surface. The solution will adjust the pH level of the concrete so that it is the proper level before being stained. Once the solution has dried, pour concrete stain into a paint tray. Apply straight lines of stain with a paint roller that is secured to an extension handle. After the stain has dried, add an additional coat if you would like the stain's hue to be deeper.

Once the stain has dried thoroughly, pour concrete sealer that has been mixed for a couple minutes into a clean paint tray. Add a coat of sealer over the stained surface with a clean paint roller. Apply the sealer in a thin, even manner. Wait for the sealer to dry before removing the drop cloths from the ground. The sealer will preserve the appearance of the stain and will prevent moisture or sunlight from causing portions of it to fade. 

If filling and staining your concrete sounds too time consuming, consider having a company like Velarde Builders Inc. do this for you.