It's Getting Cold Outside: 3 Ways To Protect Your Garage Floor This Winter

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When it comes to protecting your concrete in the winter, you might not give much thought to your garage floor. After all, it's got three walls and a garage door to protect it from the freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, those walls and doors aren't going to protect your garage floor from winter damage. The freezing temperatures of the soil can seep up from below, the ice and snow that you track in from outside, and even the motor fluids that drip onto your garage floor can cause damage during the winter. Luckily, there are some easy ways to protect your floor. Here are just three of the steps you can take to stop winter from damaging your garage floor.

Clean It 

When it comes to caring for your garage floor, keeping it clean is one of the most important steps. Things like motor oil and transmission fluid can leave your concrete stained and etched. If the etching goes too deep, it can undermine the structural integrity of the concrete, leaving your floor susceptible to additional damage.

To protect your garage floor, you should clean up spills and drips as soon as they occur. To clean them, wipe the area with a disposable towel and then scrub the area using warm water and detergent. Fill a bucket with warm water and add about ¼ cup of grease-cutting detergent. Scrub the area with a broom or scrub brush, rinse with fresh water, and allow the area to air dry.

Seal It

To make cleanup easier, and to provide an increased level of protection against damage, you should seal your entire garage floor. An easy way to seal your garage floor is with a silicone penetrating sealant, which will provide a protective seal over the entire area. The silicone penetrating sealant is easy to apply. Simply roll it on like you would ordinary house paint. But be sure to start with a clean surface.

You can also apply an acrylic sealant. The acrylic sealant will also protect your garage floor from harm, although it will require significantly more prep time. The acrylic sealant will dry to a high-gloss shine, which will give your garage floor a more polished appearance.

Cover It

If you don't want to seal your garage floor, you can protect it with a floor cover. These covers are applied directly to the floor and can be removed for cleaning. Most foam floor covers either roll out like an area rug or are pieced together like a large jigsaw puzzle. Once in place, your garage floor will be protected from dirt, fluid spills, and even ice and snow.

Now that winter is here, make sure you protect your garage floor. The tips provided here will protect your garage floor from all types of winter damage. Be sure to talk to a concrete contractor, such as those found at GatlinByrd Cement, for other ways to care for your concrete during the winter.