Preventing Foundation Water Leaks Through Crack Repair

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The presence of cracks in the walls of your foundation will cause basement flooding. This will then lead to both property damage and mold attacks. There is also the fact that when left to continue, this condition can compromise the structural integrity of your home, leading to unnecessarily costly repairs.

The good news is that there are ways through which you can not only seal the crack, but also prevent the water damage risks that basement water leaks usually expose your home to. The following are ways through which you can effectively protect your home.

If the area around the crack is easy to reach, use the external crack repair method

In cases where the area around the crack is easily accessible, you can simply prevent water damage by denying the water the opportunity to seep through the cracks. To do this, start by digging up the soil around the crack. Do this on both the inside and the outside of the wall while also making sure that the excavation work reaches the footing. With the area prepared, install waterproofing material around it. This will keep water from reaching the crack area, eliminating any chances of water leaks.

If the area around the crack is inaccessible, use the crack injection method

There are times when structures such as decks are built directly next to a home's wall. Plants and tress can also grow next to the home. And when cracks develop in front or below these structures, using the external crack repair method will be a challenge. The crack injection method is perfect for such cases since all you need is access to the side that the crack has developed.

Start the process by exposing as much of the crack as possible. Clean the area using a vacuuming tool and then apply the injection paste onto the area. Let the paste dry and then start the injection process. For the best results make sure that you work from the bottom up.

It is important to note that if the crack is large, a second step will be needed. This is because when it comes to big cracks, the injection material won't have as much structural support as it needs to ensure a long-lasting crack seal. To provide this support, you will have to fit the crack area with a carbon fiber strap. Doing so will prevent further leaks while also reducing the chances of the crack expanding. For more information, contact a business such as Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corporation.