Traveling through a Freeway Construction Zone? 4 Tips to Keep You and the Road Crews Safe

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If you travel on a freeway that's under construction, you've probably noticed the signs telling you to decrease your speed. Those signs are designed to keep you and the construction crews safe. Freeway construction zones are notoriously dangerous, especially during rush hour traffic. Luckily, there are some safety measures you can follow to keep yourself safe while traveling when freeway repairs are underway. Here are four precautions that will help you prevent accidents while traveling through a construction zone.

Turn Down the Distractions

It's dangerous enough to drive with distractions under normal conditions, but, when you're driving through a freeway construction zone, the danger increases dramatically. As soon as you see the signs warning of freeway construction, turn down the distractions. If you have the radio on, turn it down. If you have your phone connected to Bluetooth, turn it down so you can't hear it. Turning down the distractions will ensure that you can pay close attention to everything that's going on around you.

Don't Tailgate

If you're in the habit of tailgating, break the habit in construction zones. Traffic can stop in an instant when heavy equipment is involved. When traveling through a freeway construction zone, leave at least three car lengths between you and the next car. This will ensure that you have enough space to stop safely if traffic stops abruptly. Not only that, but increasing your distance will prevent you from rear-ending someone who tries to sneak in between you and the car in front of you.

Watch for Workers

When you see the construction signs, slow down – even if you don't see any workers. You never know when they're off to the side of the road or in an area that isn't visible to you. Slowing down and watching for workers, will allow you react quickly. This is particularly important when it comes to freeway repairs and workers are often standing in the blocked-off lanes of traffic.

Merge Safely

During freeway repairs, lanes of traffic are often blocked off. You'll see signs warning of merging lanes. Merging early will back up one lane and leave the other empty. This usually results in tailgating and other unsafe driving habits as drivers waiting in one lane perceive drivers in the empty lane as "cutting in line." Instead, stay in your respective lane and leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of your. At the merge point, put on your blinker and do a head check before moving out of the closing lane.

Don't take chances with your safety, or the safety of the road crews. The safety tips provided here will help you avoid accidents when traveling through a freeway construction zone. Talk to a freeway repair contractor like Roklin Systems Incorporated for more information about construction zone safety.